The Number One Thing To Do On Enoshima Island in Kanagawa Prefecture

Shh…. I’ll tell you a secret. This is the hidden experience of Enoshima Island. Most tourists don’t know about this and miss it.

Enoshima Island lies off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture.  If you want to hear about the legend and history of the island here’s a video I made on the subject:

Legend of Enoshima Island

It is well known among tourists in Japan, and even from China and other parts of Asian. However, western tourists don’t seem very familiar with it. They also don’t seem to know what’s so special about this island on Japan, a place with lots of islands.

They think you just visit the shrine, eat the food, visit the tower (and maybe the cave), and leave.  However, in their rush back to Tokyo, they’re missing out on this:


That snow-capped mountain is Fuji as seen from the shoals of Enoshima island. I snapped this photo today.

What I saw experienced today was breathtaking. Few places in Japan so close to urban development leave you feeling this close to nature.

There were dozens and dozens of photographers with their gear on tripods filming or photographing the experience.  Enoshima Island has so many angles and shots to choose from to capture the stunning sunsets the island offers on clear days.

Despite the options, none are more spectacular than standing on the shoals as the waves crash against the rocks and watching the sun sink down in a blaze of gold. The sky pinks and stars poke out.

I did get splashed when a swell of a wave crawled further up on the shore than any expected, but there was one photographer in his rain boots who would not be moved. He and his tripod stayed there even as the water briefly sloshed about an inch around his shoes and everyone else scrambled away.

I shifted to the front of a still pool of water in the shoals where the sky reflected perfectly in the water.  I got this shot:



In my opinion, this is the hands-down thing to go to Enoshima for. There are plenty of awesome things (the ice cream, the food, the Iwaya caves, ect.), yet this is the most worth it.

Do not miss a sunset at Enoshima Island if you go.

The cold seasons are the best because of clear skies that let you see Mt. Fuji. However, summer has its moments. (The orange and gold are more vivid).

It’s best to go when the tide will be out during sunset so you can go onto the rocks outside of Iwaya Caves.  Careful, a surge of waves might splash you if you venture out too far (I was quick to hope away but it got my glove).

This is also a very romantic spots. Lovers came out to enjoy a quiet (except for waves crashing) moment of beauty together.

I have had many beautiful experiences, but the sunsets of Enoshima, especially today’s, is in the top ten.

It’s a pity most of the tourists have left before this or are just starting to make their way for the Winter Illumination in the Island’s heartland, but the locals know.

Lovers know.

If you go, come experience the magic of an Enoshima Sunset on the shoals.


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