Dark Clouds Approach

My husband and I went out briefly to the grocery store. As we were coming back we saw in the rearview mirror a horizon that looked black.  It looked like the night sky was chasing us, or as an ink stain spreading across the sky.

“A storm is coming,” I said dramatically because you have to in this kind of situation.  😀

When we got home, I turned on the news and they said a big front is coming.  The northern part of Japan is already getting buried.  To add to the fun, it is entrance exam week at a lot of schools so the students are having to brave inclement weather conditions to take their tests.

Temperatures are about to plummet and we might get snow after all.

Sounds like a day to stay indoors.

We stopped by the bookstore and look what we found. Holy Moly!


That’s a lot of card decks.  We got one full of cats.  There were tons of card desks and lots of tarot card ones too.


And for housewives, a special house wife tarot card deck?

What is domestic divination?



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