Mental Torture

Two weeks ago I had to do an IUI because the doctor missed extracting my egg by about two hours. I ovulated just a couple hours early.  There was a less than 15% chance of it working.

Well it is 21 DPO and counting and I still have not have not had an AF. All pregnancy tests have come back BFN.

Should I be worried?  I have a lot of the symptoms of pregnancy — frequent urination, tender breasts, sensitivity to smells ect.

I’m not worried if it’s just late. What I’m worried is that it might be an ectopic pregnancy or something. I hear those can give the symptoms, but you still end up with BFN.

As soon as my clinic reopens from winter vacation I’m scheduling an appointment for a blood draw. I want to know what’s going on in my body.

I just want to know if we failed or not.  This is mental torture.  :/


5 thoughts on “Mental Torture

  1. It could be a chemical pregnancy either 😦 For those you have some symptoms but pregnancy tests are negative or only show very faint lines. Keep testing every few days and definitely get a blood test if AF doesn’t show up. Maybe something implanted late. Hope you find out what’s going on soon. Good luck.

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    1. I’m wondering that too. I’ve had one chemical pregnancy before. I’d be disappointed but kind of relieved. I’m very afraid of having an ectopic pregnancy.

      However, I never suffered any pain after the IUI. Just a bleeding and mild cramps, but no pain. I just want to know why the IUI made my body go haywire ever since it was done.


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