“Kimi No Namae wa” (What’s Your Name?) The mega-hit movie review

In August, 2016 a sleeper hit named “Kimi No Namae Wa” was released. No one suspected it would grow into a monster hit that is still running in Japanese theater.

This movie took my breath away when I watched it and shattered my heart. Bring tissues if you see it.  It’s not one of the best movies of 2016, it IS the best movie of 2016.

And it has an amazing soundtrack to get your heart pumping:

It can make you believe in the power of love again in a way no movie has in a long time. Not enough can be said about the beautiful animation that only make the amazing plot better.

However, this movie comes with a twist that punches you in the gut halfway through as you realize why things are happening the way they are.  There were hints all along of the approaching truth.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the basic story is that a city boy and a country girl begin to swap bodies for unknown reasons.  They communicate with one another by writing messages on their bodies or on their cell phones.  At first they cause problems in each other’s lives, but slowly the begin to help each other.

And then…

We’ll you’ll have to see it for that.

But watch this powerful movie if you get the chance.  It’s a work of cinematic beauty. Oh, and bring a tissue box as it takes your heart through the ringer.


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