It’s the Emperor’s Birthday — That means 3 day Weekend!

Well, we’ve headed for the open roads of Japan for another car camping trip. My husband loves our current car, he says it’s very relaxing to drive in.

We were going to only go halfway, but then we decided why not drive to Kyoto.  So here we are.  The nice thing about car camping in Japan is that we don’t have to worry about staying in an area close to our hotel. We can just go wherever and change our plans on a dime.

One struggle I’ve often had with Japan is how so much has to be planned and booked in advance.  You can’t often just show up in Kyoto or you’re very likely going to find there are no rooms available for you.

However, with car camping that isn’t even a concern.  We can stay out as late as we want and just get to the road stop before its hot spring closes.  No fuss.

For Christmas we have a really nice Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) booked.  I’m pretty excited since they’re famous for their sea food.

Have a Merry Christmas ya’ll!

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When I was in my twenties, I moved to Japan and met a man there. We embarked on our adventure through life and love. I have lived with him in Japan ever since. We want to start a family, but that is proving difficult. I struggle with infertility. We almost had a child, but that ended in tragedy. Now we enjoy each day and hope that one day we'll hear the pitter-patter of little feet and the bubbly laughter of a child. In the meantime, I enjoy writing, love, studying, traveling, and working. These posts are my thoughts and stories of my life here.

5 thoughts on “It’s the Emperor’s Birthday — That means 3 day Weekend!”

  1. I’m curious about the car camping. How do you choose the place to park the car? Are there any specific places designed for car camping? Do you need a special permit to do so? Won’t it be too cold, freezing even, in winter?

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    1. Sure, I’m happy to answer about our experience with it.

      You don’t need a special permit. As for winter, you just bring a good sleeping bag and lots of blankets.

      However, summer is probably impossible (because it’ll get too hot and sticky in the car).

      My husband is the one that looks up the placse. There are places where you can stay. They are called “michi no eki” or road stations. We choose the ones that have onsens.

      We’re never alone in those places. There are many other people in their cars or RVS doing the same thing.

      It’s best to bring special curtains or things to cover up your window so others can’t see inside the car.

      We sleep on an inflatable mattress inside the back of our car.

      Actually, you can sleep at even at most Parking Areas according to my husband. This is because the government does not want sleepy drivers driving. They’d rather they pull off and sleep in a parking area.

      I hope that answers your questions. 🙂

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