Survival Guide For Tokyo Disneyland (Christmas)

The struggle of choices!  What to do when facing the difficult decisions?  What was the choice I faced?  Why, to go to Disney Sea or Disneyland?  It’s not fair!

After searching deep within myself for answer and seeking guidance from the ancient tomes (pamphlets), I came to the heart-wrenching decision of: Disneyland.

When you go classic, you never go back. ^^

Sarcasm aside, my husband and I went to Tokyo Disneyland this weekend.  Turned out to be a perfect decision. Traffic wasn’t bad and the weather was cold, but gorgeous!

We hopped in the car and drove through Tokyo to get to Chiba where Tokyo Disneyland is located. My husband loves his car so much that he was nervous about the vehicles that got parked next to us and asked the lady directing parking if it was all right for him to move to an open corner spot.

Hilarious.  She was very understanding (must get this request often?) and helped direct the pedestrian traffic while he moved.

Then we were off to this:


Going to Disneyland for Christmas is a thing these days because of this:



The Christmas decorations.  They do a really nice job to get things in the Christmas mood.

Here are my four tips for having the BEST time at the most affordable rate at Tokyo Disneyland (on holidays and weekends especially):

1.)  Buy your tickets online.

Skip the entrance crowds and show up with your printed out e-tickets.  It’s much more convenient.  This way you just walk right in with no fuss.

2.)  Reserve the restaurant you want to eat at the day before.

We didn’t realize to do this and almost got locked out of all the restaurants because they were booked up.  Lesson learned.  If you don’t do this, you’ll have to settle for pizza or popcorn.  No restaurant dining for you!

3.) Get there early. Get your Fast Pass.

This is so you can get the Fast Pass for one of the biggest rides. Decide in advance the one you’re going for and figure out the route and head there first.  The Fast Pass let’s you cut the line.  We chose the Fast Pass for Thunder Mountain:


4.)  Now Decide Your Route

After you secured your eating place and a fast pass to one ride, now plan the rest of your day around those events.  You might have a chance a second fast pass if your first ends early enough.

All right now you’re set to enjoy the overcrowded, over-commercialized goodness of the park!

On route to the Haunted Mansion, we passed through Tomorrowland and this little guy (who wasn’t little at all).


The wait in the Haunted Mansion line was over 80 minutes, but the weather was beautiful and the decorations nice.  It wasn’t so bad.


As we were about to board the ride my husband said the announcement only said “no flash”.  Not no filming.  I was shocked.  I could film inside the ride?  I didn’t do much, but I am surprised about that.  I listened with him and it was the same thing. It’s like “It’s a Small World” where you can also film inside.  Unlike “It’s a Small World”, I didn’t see anyone doing that.

Next we visited the castle:


The Castle lit at night.


After enjoying lunch and our quick stop at Thunder Mountain, we spend 90 minutes waiting for Space Mountain. With time leftover before the light parade, we did a quick ride on the shuttles and got a bird’s eye view of Tokyo Disneyland.

My video on the park will be done in a couple days and I’ll post the vide then.  I am really proud of how it’s coming together.  Take care!  Merry Christmas!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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