15% of Hope

A few days ago I went to my fertility clinic to get a check up if any eggs were going and lo and behold there was an 18 mm that was ready to pop right on Day 14.  Huzzah!

The LH surge had begun and the E2 value was perfect.  I just needed to come in bright and early the next morning.  The doctor looked me dead in the eye and said, “No medicine is needed”.

I was surprised the LH was already over a 100.  I asked if he was sure.  I should have pushed for the medicine to prevent ovulation, but I trusted the doctor’s advice.  He seemed confident I would not ovulate before the extraction.

And he would be wrong.

I went home after paying and informed my husband of the news.

That night around 3 am I began to feel a sharp pain in my left side and became nervous.  I am one of those woman who feel pain when I ovulate. ‘This can’t be’, I told myself and went back to sleep.

As the sun rose, I headed in to the clinic and got shown into my little room. They called me in and had me lay on the table. The doctor checked for the mature follicle, only to discover signs that I had just ovulated (probably within the past two hours).

It was too late.  My husband and I were heartbroken to miss what seemed like a good egg. We were also angry and confused. Why didn’t the doctor give me the medicine?  Why didn’t he ere on the side of caution?

The doctor seemed to regret his miscalculation.  This is now the second time he’s made such a mistake.  I know it’s hard to predict, but why not just give the medicine to be safe?

I waited in the lobby for the doctor to ring the buzzer and head in. After a call to my husband and research on the internet, I looked into the possibility of an IUI. A lot of the stuff online said that if you did it within six hours of ovulation there was a small possibility of it working.

I was geared to suggest it to the doctor when I got into his office. However, it wasn’t necessary because the doctor suggested it himself. My husband and I agreed. With the follicle already ruptured and the egg released, it was our best chance for giving the egg a chance to survive.  That is if my husband’s stuff could even reach the egg in time.

There is a less than 15 % chance of everything coming together to result in a pregnancy.  Nevertheless, there is a possibility, however remote, that I could get pregnant within the next two weeks.

We’ll see. Better some hope than none at all.

So *fingers crossed*


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