Skiing In Japan (not this year)

I have never gone skiing in my life.  Not once.

In Japan, skiing is what you do in winter. It’s as much winter as the christmas lights and chocolate and Christmas-decorated Disneyland trip.

Every year my husband and I decide what we’ll do for his winter vacation. This year I suggested we go skiing. I actually am not that big into the idea of skiing. I’ve never been that interested.

However, I feel like I should try it once.  We started looking up places, estimating costs, and adding snow tires to the car. And then ultimately decided just to go to disneyland and skip the slopes.

I’m not really a winter person and I’m not a huge fan of snow, especially lots of it. I keep trying to get myself to try it, but skiing is kind of expensive. You have to have the winter gear, then you have to rent the gear at the slopes, and rent the place when everyone wants to rent a ski place.

It seems like too much hassle for something that neither of us is that enthused over. My husband has gone skiing before and didn’t care that much for it.  So if he’s not into it and I’m not into it, why spend a lot of money doing something we’re both not that into?

I guess maybe one day I’ll round up enough motivation to go on my first ski trip, but it won’t be this year.  For now I’ll just settle on seeing the splendid Christmas lights and eating up the chocolate (coz that’s like the “winter” treat in Japan. Autumn was chestnust, spring is sakura-flavors, and summer is watermelon).

Peace out, everyone!


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3 thoughts on “Skiing In Japan (not this year)”

  1. Go Ski! You’ll not regret it.
    Take it easy though and stick with the simple slopes. We did and all the photos (selfies and all) are worth it! Along with the experience of actually moving down slope we might add…

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