Getting Busy

I thought my social calendar would be empty since the lead up to Christmas usually has a lot of people with family to meet. However, this Christmas I’m surprisingly booked. Which is awesome.

I got plans for shopping, ice skating, Disneyland, and a stay at a traditional Japanese Inn with either friends or  my husband (the inn stay is on Christmas day).  We’ve already reserved our Christmas cake and I’m going to eat at my favorite apple pie place.

Now all I need is a gingerbread latte from Starbucks to make this day of planning complete.

This is quite a change from when I first moved to this part of Japan. I lost the world I was comfortable in and most of my friends back there. Most of them moved back to their home countries and I was kind of lonely a lot in the beginning.

I made a terrible mistake on one early friendship that turned into a disaster.  I should have paid more attention to the red flags, but I learned a lot.

In those days I was also really saddened about my struggles with infertility. However, things have started to look up. We have more hope on that front and I have met great groups of people to go on hikes with. I’ve gotten used to my life in this new area.

I study, work part time, and work on my health and writing.

I want to say life is good, but I’m a bit superstitious and worry the hammer will fall if I say that.

*throws salt over shoulder and knocks on wood*.

I hope things continue to work out.  I pray the same is true for everyone out there.  Let’s make the most of what remains of 2016.



2 thoughts on “Getting Busy

  1. They sound like great plans, especially Disney! I think it’s normal to feel completely discombobulated when you move to a new place. Especially as I’m sure Japan is a real culture shock if you’re not from Asia. It sounds like you are having some awesome experiences though… I’m jealous!

    I love the run up to the Christmas holidays, and Christmas itself. A time for optimism! Wishing you a brilliant 2017!

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