Time To Party!

We’re heading to a former co-worker/ friend’s party.  She invited me and my husband.  I plan to bring the game “Cards Against Humanity” if you have ever heard of it.

It’s precursor was Apples To Apples, a game I used to play in the lounge of my college dorm. It was a fond memory of a dozen of us trying to match our adjectives and nouns to a verb for the funniest result.  Now Cards Against Humanities has completely usurped Apples To Apples.

Although one has to be cautious when playing in Japan, because a lot of Japanese struggle with the English.  Too many idioms and words they don’t understand.

One Japanese person we played with gave up on trying to understand the English and just began tossing stuff randomly.  This was hilarious until she matched a certain name to the world “lynch”.

Her husband was furious and wanted to know who did it, but he quickly went meek and apologetic when it turned out to be his non-native speaker wife who had no idea what the word “lynch” meant.

The funny part to me was his 180 on reaction.  He was the one set to decide who won that round and when that combination came up he paled. Then he stood up, going red in the face with anger and looked about to berate who ever had done it.  However, when is wife looked worried and concerned and said it was her card, he went pale.

By that point, he had already said more than a few “choice” words about whoever had done it.  His wife seemed shocked and a bit hurt.  He spent the next few minutes trying to apologize to her.

It was an innocent mistake on her part and one of the risks of randomly throwing cards.  Hopefully he learned a lesson. When you have non-native speakers playing a game full of inuendo — that says specifically in the rules not to get sensitive about — don’t immediately assume nefarious intentions when certain non PC combinations pop up.

We ended up going only a couple more rounds after that and called it a game because it was kind of awkward after that. It’s the only bad experience I’ve ever had with the game.

Hopefully today will add to the record of good games.

So we’re off to enjoy a Christmas party. It’s a potluck so hopefully there’s lost of good food and everyone likes what I brought.


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When I was in my twenties, I moved to Japan and met a man there. We embarked on our adventure through life and love. I have lived with him in Japan ever since. We want to start a family, but that is proving difficult. I struggle with infertility. We almost had a child, but that ended in tragedy. Now we enjoy each day and hope that one day we'll hear the pitter-patter of little feet and the bubbly laughter of a child. In the meantime, I enjoy writing, love, studying, traveling, and working. These posts are my thoughts and stories of my life here.

2 thoughts on “Time To Party!”

    1. Yes, this is true.

      There are some people now I will never play with because everything seems to offend them. I’ve noticed such people often seem to be the most unhappy.

      Being easily offended and having no sense of humor is no way to live in my opinion 🙂


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