A Day In My Life (Cat Cafe! Ninjas!)


Last weekend I took a trip to Tokyo to visit friends.  Here’s a video I made on my day. We went to a cozy cat cafe and shadowy ninja restaurant:

I had to rush for the fast train to Tokyo.

I met with my friend, C, in Ikebukuro and — after a quick stop for a light snack at a cafe — we headed to our favorite cat cafe.  Several of the cats in this feline utopia were dressed in birthday suits or Santa outfits.  They’re “I’m not amused, human” expressions were hilarious.

The place has a chill atmosphere and lots of manga to flip through when I wasn’t playing with the kitties. They have a huge variety of breed and ever mixed breeds. Several are adopted.  Mixed breed cats are often left to the streets so I really appreciate that they take in all varieties.

Eventually, we made our way to a station near Ginza where we waited for other friends to join us. The Ginza Line was closed for construction and this caused them to be late. Once our group was finally complete, we rushed over to the Ninja Restaurant.

The staff leads you and through a dark mazy of hallways — one includes a drawbridge — and trapdoors to our seats. They did an amazing job and the staff are into their performances!

Our food was not only delicious, but done with incredible presentation.  The salad came with a chilled jelly age that was served in the fog caused by dry ice.  Quite spectacular.

Towards the end of the meal, one of the ninjas stopped at our table performed several magic tricks involving cards. None of us could figure out the tricks.  He had blank paper and it seemed to change to yen right before our eyes.

When the meal was done and paid for, we head home which ended up being an adventure for me and L.  Another critical train line was closed so we had to go home a roundabout way.  But we made it.



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