At the Dentist In Japan

Nothing screams ‘good times’ like a visit to the dentist.

I went to get a cavity fixed and it turned out I had cavities.  I don’t know how this happened because I’ve only had one cavity before in my entire life.  My teeth have usually been quite tough.

They kept asking if I was pregnant (because pregnant women are famous for having bad teeth due to a growing baby sucking up resources).

It was a clean, professional office. They had me swallow this dye that clung to the bacteria in my teeth (gross) and it turned my teeth pink. Then the nurse gave me a lesson techniques for properly brushing teeth.

Afterwards, the doctor drilled out the biggest cavity and capped it.  I was prescribed painkillers.

And for all that I was billed about $40.

I told my mom over skype and she couldn’t believe it.  Only $40.


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