Sorry I’ve been quiet

I have had lots to say, but little energy to say it with.

Mostly life keeps rolling along.  I’ve been hiking a lot during the change of leaves in Japan.  The nature becomes gorgeous and I love all the special “chestnut” foods you get.  I’m going to hate when all those “fall” food disappear.

My favorite is the chestnut latte that a lot of coffee shops serve. It includes a “chestnut” flavored whip cream that is so good.  And they put pumpkin in everything!

Halloween is starting to grow in popularity here in Japan.  I saw so many people dressed up last weekend, including a large group of college students who had on… interesting costume.  (I believe one was dressed as a remote control for some reason).

Fall is a lovely season in Japan for so many reasons.  The food, the nature, and… did I mention the speciality drinks?

Last weekend I went with friends to a themed cafe that did a Halloween special on top of its usual theme.  My friends all brought they’re amazing cameras, but I forgot mine.  So, whenever they remember to send me their pictures, I shall share them.

My husband and I are going to an air show in a couple days.  He’s really excited.  I’m interested.

Such a lovely season ~



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