Run For Your Life, It’s Godzilla… Island

A couple weeks ago my husband and I stopped at the artificial island of Umi Hotaru (Sea Firefly) and took a stroll around. We even stepped into Godzilla’s giant feet — literally.

They were having a big promotional campaign for the new Godzilla movie.  My younger brother, Sean, is a huge fan of Godzilla and has been since childhood.  Too bad he couldn’t have seen this.

Well, there’s always this video I made of the experience:



Put Mrs. Claus On the Naughty List

As I was heading to the gym, I passed a Donkihote Store (a speciality goods store in Japan) that was selling some interesting Mrs. Claus.  I guess Mrs. Claus will be on Santa’s naughty list this year.  😉

The male versions were saggy and unflattering and came with white beards.

I wonder if Playboy really is the one producing these costumes?



5 Things No One Tells You About Home Decorating In Japan

When I decided to live in Japan and marry my husband, there were a few things I did not realize were big differences.  Here’s my lists of cultural surprises:

1.)  Curtains Come In 3 Colors: beige, white, and grey

After we bought a house, it was time to fill it with furniture.  Little did I know that my choice of pastels would be quite deviant. What a rebel I was.

I picked out pale greens, blues, and a shade of red.  My husband liked the colors as well. However, he later explained that our house would stand out. Confused, I asked why.

“Japanese almost never choose any shades, but beige, white, or grey for their curtains.”

I didn’t believe him at first, so I started looking at the windows of houses over the next few days.  Sure enough, where ever we go it’s almost always those three colors.  I get excited when I see a window with a “rebellious” color of curtain.

Rebels unite! Continue reading 5 Things No One Tells You About Home Decorating In Japan

Snow Day In My Slice Of Japan!

A few days ago it snowed heavily in Japan in November for the first time in 54 years!

The ground was too warm for the snow to stick much. Instead it turned into this horrible slush that sucked your boot in and caused it to stick to the ground.  The slush trapped in little melted puddles so it was worse than rain puddles.

In the morning the big fluffy flakes fell and coated a lot of the roof tops of the houses around my home.  I stayed mostly indoors that day, enjoying cocoa, and thankful I had no work.

Snow is really nice when you can look out at it from a window.  As someone from a warm climate, I stare at the white stuff with suspicion.

Evil, cold flakes fell upon a stunned Japanese populace.

Why Empathy Is Better Than Sympathy

This video does a great description of the difference:

In my opinion, it’s one of the things modern society is losing and its leaving a lot of people feeling empty and isolated from others.  In place of friends we can talk to, we have a collection of “facebook friends”.

There was an article recently about the fierce competition to get likes on social media. We have birthdays and life events to acknowledge. When we do meet old acquaintances and start to share a story, they might go, “Oh yes, I remember you posting about that.”

As the video above describes, empathy drives a connection while sympathy does the opposite.  When give sympathy, you are separating yourself from the others pain. You are only an onlooker.  While the empath feels it with them and relates to it.

However, being empathetic is not as easy as just going, “There, there. I understand your pain.  I’ve had something similar happen to me.”

Unless you can relate, your attempt might come off as tone-deaf and trying to make the other person’s problem about you. Continue reading Why Empathy Is Better Than Sympathy

New And Improved Thumbnail Art!

I had some free time today and I discovered a website that helps you make thumbnails for You Tube.  Mine have been needing an upgrade.  I started my little hobby with no experience on video editing or vlogging at all so my early videos are pretty crappy.

Now I’ve gone from awful to … less awful!  Woo-hoo!

I think my video editing is getting slowly better.  I’m trying to work on getting more professional videos, but I’ve still got a long way to go.  I took down a lot of my early stuff because I want to reshoot some of it.

However, the videos I think turned out all right and/ or are performing well (for my channel) I left up.  However, one big thing was getting the thumbnails to look better.

This is the result.  What do you think of the new thumbnails?  Do they look all right or could they be improved upon more?  (Any advice would be amazing!)


A Day In My Life (Cat Cafe! Ninjas!)


Last weekend I took a trip to Tokyo to visit friends.  Here’s a video I made on my day. We went to a cozy cat cafe and shadowy ninja restaurant:

I had to rush for the fast train to Tokyo.

I met with my friend, C, in Ikebukuro and — after a quick stop for a light snack at a cafe — we headed to our favorite cat cafe.  Several of the cats in this feline utopia were dressed in birthday suits or Santa outfits.  They’re “I’m not amused, human” expressions were hilarious.

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