Hote! A Famous Meal In Yamanashi Prefecture!


My husband’s friend gave us delicious chocolates from Bulgaria!  There rose petals and rose oil in the pink ones. The chocolate… was unbelievable.  Bulgarian sweets are divine!

My friend wanted us to go to a cute cafe she knew of, but unfortunately it was closed today.  So we stopped for Hote instead. It’s Yamanashi Prefecture’s famous meal.


That giant fan was the back drop for our seats.  I guess it’s an “oni” fan?


The inside of the restaurant had a very earthy feel, as if we were entering a cave of some sort. One with windows.  The ceiling was high with criss-crossing rafters.


This is Hote. The broth is very important. The staff carries out the bowls with mittens and set it before us, giving us the large wooden spoons.


The remnants of our meals.  Sitting on the cushions is not always comfortable.


My husband’s friend bought apple-flavored Kit Kat after and shared with us.  It was surprisingly good.

Anyhow that is Hote in Japan.


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