We’re Getting A New Car

We’ll we’re upgrading to the next level…

Tomorrow my husband picks up the car and trades in our old one. Then we head off to pick up his friend and mine take these sweet new wheels for a spin.

Car cultures is big in Japan.  They love German brands a lot.

He is very passionate about his car.  So tonight he’s going to take it on one final goodbye drive.  I come from a family who drove falling apart cars because a car was just a thing to get you from Point A to Point B.

So I often find my husband’s passion for his “mistress” (as I call her) curious.  However, it makes him happy to admire his car and take care of it.  I think we all need passion projects.

Anyhow tomorrow is new car day!  Time for a new “Mistress” for my hubby 😉


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