Right Or Wrong? When you’re too late to help

I was leaving my late evening class, rushing to cross one side of the intersection before the crosswalk changed to red, when I heard a loud, audible “SMACK”.  When I turned to look down, I saw two unopened, freshly-brought boxes of cigarettes had fallen onto the pavement just behind a salaryman’s feet. They had clearly fallen out of his leather satchel.

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Hote! A Famous Meal In Yamanashi Prefecture!


My husband’s friend gave us delicious chocolates from Bulgaria!  There rose petals and rose oil in the pink ones. The chocolate… was unbelievable.  Bulgarian sweets are divine!

My friend wanted us to go to a cute cafe she knew of, but unfortunately it was closed today.  So we stopped for Hote instead. It’s Yamanashi Prefecture’s famous meal.


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We’re Getting A New Car

We’ll we’re upgrading to the next level…

Tomorrow my husband picks up the car and trades in our old one. Then we head off to pick up his friend and mine take these sweet new wheels for a spin.

Car cultures is big in Japan.  They love German brands a lot.

He is very passionate about his car.  So tonight he’s going to take it on one final goodbye drive.  I come from a family who drove falling apart cars because a car was just a thing to get you from Point A to Point B.

So I often find my husband’s passion for his “mistress” (as I call her) curious.  However, it makes him happy to admire his car and take care of it.  I think we all need passion projects.

Anyhow tomorrow is new car day!  Time for a new “Mistress” for my hubby 😉

Girl’s Night Out!

It’s Saturday night:

Saturday was a rough day as mentioned in previous posts. Luckily, a girls’ night out was already planned.

Our first stop was this delicious restaurant:

Where we had nomihodai which is kind of “drink buffet”.

Afterwards, we decided to hop on a forty minute train ride and head to the theater to see “Kimi No Namae Wa: Your Name” and it was as good as rumors had said.

This movie is not only beautifully animated, the story is gripping and powerful.  Halfway there is a shocking twist revealed that had my friends and the audience members audibly gasp.  Several times the movie had people bawling.  While I only cried at the end, my friends were sniffling and wiping there eyes after the first half.

It’s reputation as “one of the most moving animated films in a long time” is very deserved.  I highly recommend checking out this movie.  Bring a tissue box if you do as your heart might break.

That’s How The Fight Started…

There’s an old joke that goes like this:

My wife wanted something that went from 0-150 in less than three seconds. She’d been hinting at it for a while.  So on her birthday, waiting in the driveway, I left a scale.  

That’s how the fight started.

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