It’s a Cat House!

We went and played with the kitties this Silver Week in Japan at a Japanese Pension near Mt. Fuji that is full of cats!

I could make so many wrong jokes, but I won’t.

To say I love cats, is to say Homer Simpson is only partial to donuts.  If we had a place where we could keep pets, I’d be that cat lady.  I envy that cat lady.  Why can’t be that cat lady?

Darn landlords!

Anyhow, in the sight of Mt. Fuji is this amazing Japanese Pension full of the little fluffy cuddlies.  Some of the cats and one dog were brought by private owners. A lot of hotels don’t allow pets so this pension is a beloved stop by pet-owners in Japan.

The mountains were all misty and nice:

It was better than a cat cafe in my opinion.  The problem with cat cafes is that you only get an hour with the cat for about $10.  Ouch.

If the cat’s aren’t in the mood for play you’re basically pestering them while they sleep.  Let’s face it: cats are nocturnal. Cat cafes are only open during the day.  See the problem?

But with this pension you got to be with the cats from the evening until next morning. I got up at one point in the night and made the lovely discovery of a fluffy critter curled up in the chair outside our door.

Highly recommend this stop in Nagano Precture.  The company is awesome.  If you’d like to see more of what the stay was like here’s a video:


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