Doc Gave The Green Light!

The doctor gave the green light for extraction to tomorrow.

The follicle grew to 16 mm and they detected an LH surge.  To prevent ovulation they made me spray this horrible chemical up my nostril.

Tomorrow I have to squeeze in the extraction between work hours.  Not looking forward to that… not at all.

The doctor also told me that my ovaries are hard to reach because they are “stuck to my uterus”. While they would have to stick a camera in there to see, he suspects they are bound by adhesions.

Which means I likely do have endometriosis, as I’ve suspected for a while.  It is probably also the reason I’ve never conceived naturally.  The ovaries are stuck where they shouldn’t be.

It’s probably for the best, as I think even if I had been able to conceive naturally, it would have been ectopic.  I am blessed that, when a fertilized embryo is put in, I seem to have a very good environment for it to implant in.

Even if I do get pregnant, I will remain a high risk pregnancy the whole way.

I always dislike people who joke “getting knocked up isn’t an accomplishment. Any woman can do that.”  Grrr….

I beg to differ.

I hope they can get an egg and that it can divide and become a Grade 1 embryo.

*fingers crossed*


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