The Strength To Show Weakness

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It feels like we get trained these days to “never show our hurt”. We’re taught to bottle it up and contain ourself.  Here in Japan this is especially true.

At my friend’s church, they had a “share your feelings” session once. She was the only of two westerners. Everyone else was Japanese.  One by one they stood up and shared something positive.

Finally, it was her turn and she shared about a recent misfortune in her life. The story was meant to be uplifting, how she overcome her tragedy and become stronger for it.  However, the preacher finally stopped her mid-story and asked her “why share that? Do you want us to feel sad for you?”

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Grade 2!

We have one little frozen embaby at Grade 2.  I was disheartened when they took out my egg and it was still immature.

However, a couple hours later it matured and they fertilized it.  Finally, it divided and they gave it a grade of 2 and then froze it.

So that’s one in storage.

I hope we can get more while I still have decent quality eggs.