Cheerleading In Japan (from Ouendan to Western-style)


The above picture is Ouendan, Japanese-style cheerleading.

However, notice the pom-poms in the background. Western-style is getting increasingly popular.

Here is a video of Ouendan in its early days:

Here is one of the awesome view of Ouendan:

In Ouendan the cheerleaders are allowed to taunt and cheer the opposing team.  Usually this is peaceful, but fights have broken out.  I love watching Ouendan — I have a thing for those black uniforms.

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Warning: Off-Color Humor

I’m going to tuck this behind the read link. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.  Most of the people I know have found this humorous.  A couple months back Japanese news made quite the interesting slip up. I didn’t get the screenshot, but I thought I’d share what happened.

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A Cheap Guest House in Japan

While in the town of Himeji, my brother, my husband, and I stayed at this very inexpensive guest house.  The owner constructed much of the interior and exterior himself.  Carpentry was a hobby of his.

He was actually a very nice guy with quite an extensive comic collection. The house is over a hundred years old and its age shows.  Check out the video if you’re interested:


I Don’t Know, but it made me sad…

It’s day 11 of a new cycle and I do have a follicle growing. It’s 10 mm.

That’s good right?

Well, they gave me medicine to try and gently push me to grown two or three follicles. As I suspected, it didn’t work on my dwindling egg supply.

My FSH was 38 so the doctor took me off the medicine.  He said that was high for day 11.  My FSH was perfect on day 3. Right where it was supposed to be before I started the medicine.

So did the medicine cause the wonky results?  He said, “not really”.  I’m left confused.

My other cycles didn’t have an issue and my hormones stayed in range.  He did admit I respond poorly to egg-stimulation.

I already knew that.

My E2 is over a 100 for that little growing follicle.  We’ll see how that goes.  I hope it grows.  However, its clear that I do not respond to any sort of chemical-induced egg growth.

My first and only attempt at chemical IVF was a complete disaster. After two weeks of the medicine I produced less than four follicles and only two were mature.

Without the chemicals, when they let a natural cycle happen, my body is able to produce decent quality eggs on its own, but my ovaries are clearly stubborn. They don’t like being pushed by science.

I imagine their crotchety old ladies who feel they are being harassed for more eggs and snapping back, “You get one! One egg! No more!”

I hope we’ll get another embryo this cycle. It’s expensive to do it this way — one at a time — but it’s the only way I can do it at all.  Damn by crotchety ovaries. They are so stingy!