Clinic Visit

I visited The Clinic today.

Bad news:

My AMH is very close to undetectable. The doctor predicts I will hit menopause long before I ever reach the age of forty.  I expected this result.  My AMH two years ago were bad.  I have very few eggs left for my age.

Good news:

I seem to have good egg quality.  So the few left have potential.

My FSH and hormones are in perfect range.  We can try natural IVF this cycle.  We got the green light.

Extra Good News:

I got the doctor who spoke English today so I didn’t have to try and figure things out in  Japanese.

Emotions Today:  anxious/ sad/ hopeful/ accepting



5 thoughts on “Clinic Visit

    1. Thank you!

      After talking with my doctor, we’ve decided it is better to spend the next few months stocking eggs (well after their fertilized and we say what grade they become) since I don’t have a lot of time.

      We’re going to freeze my embryos while I still produce good quality eggs.

      So no trying to get actually pregnant this month.

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