Batten Down The Hatches!

A category 1 typhoon makes landfall tomorrow. It’ll hit Sendai, the city devastated by the tsunami in 2011, and slam into with a storm surge of several feet.

My husband and I are securing stuff in doors.  I’m so glad my appointment at the clinic isn’t until Wednesday because there is no way I’m going out in a typhoon.

Typhoon Lionrock is one of the most bizarre on records!  It was born in the Pacific, but instead of going north like other typhoons, it headed south where it swooped around Okinawa and archipelagos.

After making a full circle on the Pacific (you read right) it boomeranged north, charging up to powerful levels, and is aimed straight at Japan.  They’re calling it the “boomerang” typhoon and are baffled.

They’ve never seen a typhoon do this before!

Here is more information on Bloomberg.  

Just look at that crazy course it took.  It actually made a full circle before turning and heading back the way it came.  Guess tomorrow will be a stay at home day and take it easy before the clinic visit.


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