The Jungle Book

This weekend we did very little.

I learned the world famous fish market (Tsukiji) in Tokyo is likely going to be shut down by October. There are lots of reasons the government is giving, but a big one is that they want to build a highway there to give better access to where the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are supposed to take place.

I posted about that here on this blog’s facebook.

It’s strange that I should feel such sadness for a place I’ve barely visited.  However, for those familiar with Tokyo, Tsukiji is like a Tokyo Tower type of attraction.  It feels almost like hearing that the Tower of London is going to be knocked down.

My husband and I went out to eat on Saturday.  By Sunday, I knew I wanted to do one very short trip.  For me that happened to be the mall and, apparently, it happened to be one of people’s list because the mall was crowded.

I wanted to see the new Jungle Book movie, even if that meant listening to it in Japanese, but there were only three seats left.  My husband opted out.

After a long wait for a hot dog at the theatre’s food service counter, I settled in to the theatre. Even though I was over ten minutes late, ads were still playing.

It was a surprisingly good movie, much better than the animation in my opinion.

After I left the mall, I came out to pouring rain (I had no umbrella).  I wore the worst shoes (sandals) and had a “fun” time getting home.  As it shifts to fall in Japan, we are starting to get that dripping kind of rain. The kind that changes directions to get to you.

I swear those droplets are like heat-seeking missiles — they will find a way to dampen you!

And I discovered I’ll be going to the clinic again this Wednesday.

I get to sit in there for 3-4 hours to get my blood drawn and finally see a doctor who will likely tell me “come back in seven days”.

Not looking forward to that.




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