Before The Big One

After an action-packed summer, I have September off.

I don’t have a lot of spending money since I wasn’t working my part-time gig.

Now I need to get serious about studying for the JLPT N2.

Next month, it’s back to Japanese school in preparation, but this month is self-study. That means lots of coffee. In fact, my favorite part of this is curling up with an overpriced cafe latte that I bought by scraping change out of the change jar.

Ah, the life!

No, I do have a coffee budget and I buy something every hour and half.  I think at coffee shops it’s rude to spend over 2 hours with only having bought a blend coffee. That’s my personal principle.

I spread out my treats for the day, going from overpriced drink to overpriced snack. I could stay at home and save, but I like to go out. My husband and father don’t understand that.

I think men do better with solitude. It’s us women who need others, even if its just strangers sitting around us while we drink way-too-expensive coffee.

I am content. Very content.

My life here in Japan is peaceful for now. I don’t know what’s next for me, yet for now all is well.


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